Start Creating Now

If you have the internet and a phone, the only barrier to creating online contents is yourself. I want to break two common misconceptions that hinder you from being a creator.

The first is “I have nothing to say.”

Every day, you spend 24 hours on several activities. Regardless of whether you think what you’re doing is productive or not, time spent on those things means you’ll know certain things more than other people that aren’t. These are the topics that you can talk about.

For example, I watch and read about the NBA every other day. I assumed everyone knows about the NBA like I do, but that’s not the case. Did you know that a former NBA star is a friend of Kim Jong Un?

The second is one of the most used excuses, “I’m not an expert.”

You are already an expert. Think of expertise as a ladder with multiple rungs. People who are below you think you are an expert, just like my friends think I’m an expert about the NBA.

We feel inferior because we compare ourselves with those who are up the ladder, without realizing that there are people who are currently below us. I never think I’m an expert in basketball because to me, a basketball analyst is the expert.

To start taking action, pay attention to what takes up most of your time and create content about it. You’ll be helping people who are just starting out, just as you’re climbing that ladder of expertise.