The Legend of The Pink Cadillacs

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I have a meeting on Zoom at 1230am. Once I click on the link, five faces will appear. Spanning across three countries and five cities, the five of us couldn’t confirm each other’s existence. To make it sounds more ridiculous, our group name is The Pink Cadillacs.

This union started around July 2020, when the pandemic was becoming a harsh reality. We were all part of 300 students cohort for a writing course that cost $A2500. When we see how we willingly splurge money on random online courses, it felt like we’ve found our people. When friends in the offline world shake their head at us, we formed a writing group to keep each other accountable in contributing to the world’s content overpopulation.

The reason I’m sharing this is although I feel like I’ve no time to write anymore, they just scared me into writing consistently by disguising it as career advice.

First up, the guy who is slightly obsessed with his cats. He likens writing online as being a startup founder, while every professional is an entrepreneur. To my excuse of ‘I don’t have time’, he simply replied that he doesn’t care. A self proclaimed confident person, he credited his success to writing.

Not wanting to miss out, a serial company hopper also gave me a career guidance. He regretted not having a consistent writing habit as it would expand his already vast network from changing company every two years. As if you can’t tell by his long hair, scruffy beard, and desire for freedom, he is a designer who had an unconventional beginning and always looking for the next thing. Did I tell you he also sells his artwork as NFT?

In all seriousness, I’m so thankful for these guys who always push me to be my best self. In real life, the cat guy has started four companies, and the self-taught designer is now a creative director/product designer for a company he’s been working at for seven years. The other two members couldn’t chime in, probably because they over snoozed their alarms again.