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Hey, I’m Sher!
Welcome to my favorite place on the internet..

A little bit about me:
I currently live in Melbourne, Australia
I’m my best self when I’m working on projects. That’s why I work in a creative agency
I know way too much about the NBA and also love to play basketball on weekends
My childhood hobby was reading fiction novels and I carried it into adulthood (add me on GoodReads!)

I write about:
Revelations from my everyday life
The intersection between business and basketball
My food adventures (24 countries and counting)
Working in a creative agency without an advertising background (soon!)

I’m working on:

  • A bi-weekly newsletter called Intellectual Tourism
    You’ll be updated with my latest articles and projects, things that intrigued me, and a dose of my appreciation for life.
  • Figuring out TikTok as a marketer

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