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Hey, I’m Sher!
Welcome to my favorite place in the internet..

A little bit about me:

Ambivert who enjoys exploring new projects while I discover more about myself
Intellectual debate and watching/playing basketball are my kinds of fun
Absolutely in love with purposeful design, creative arts,
and good fiction novels (add me on goodreads)

I write about:

Digital marketing
My journey to find what I’m really passionate about
Lessons I learn from my life experiences
How I shift my mindset from consuming to producing on social media

I’m working on:

  • Blogs to refine my thinking and tool of self discovery.
    My favourite writing is Superfan for a Night, outlining four things I learned in my process of completing an 8 weeks design project without a design background.
    My best article about digital marketing is Content First, Product Second. The article was reposted by Matt Kobach, the Director of Content Marketing of the company I wrote about.
  • A weekly newsletter called Intellectual Tourism
    Every week, you’ll get conversation starters in your email. You’ll be updated with my latest articles and projects, things that intrigued me, and a dose of my appreciation for life. I always ask questions to spark conversations between us or someone you choose to share the newsletter with 😉

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