Maximizing the Biggest Investment in My Life

Undergraduate degrees in Australia costs are up to AU$200,000.

It’s the biggest investment in our young life, yet lots of students don’t know how to get the most out of it. After a three-year degree, there are three valuable advice I would give to those who are studying in university.

  1. Get involved in a society
    I was part of a business club newsletter team in my last semester in university, and I regret not starting earlier. Being a committee member will get you more friends, plus you’ll learn new skills that look good in your resume. If you don’t think you can contribute with your lack of skills, just show up and hang out.
  2. Socialize socialize socialize
    You might not realize it yet, but your most abundant resources are time and energy. You should use it to expand your social circle, something that’ll be difficult as you get closer to graduation and busier. Go to all kinds of events and work in teams whenever you can. You can also make friends with the teachers! It never hurts to network, especially because most of them are working in the industry that you want to go into.
  3. Experiment with different subjects
    Unless you know exactly what you want to do after graduating (I didn’t), take up any electives that you find interesting. I majored in finance, but I took design and marketing electives. The experience made me realize how I enjoy marketing and wanted to make a career out of it. Only by exposing myself to various subjects, that I ended up knowing what career I want to pursue.

Above all, don’t get too fixated on your grades. University should be fun, so just enjoy the ride and capitalize on all the things it offers. Remember, you are there to learn about life as much as you learn academically.