Roller Skating Isn’t Fun

This picture shows how I imagined my roller skating experience would be.

Before I get started though, let’s clarify the difference between roller blade and roller skate.

Credit: Impala

Yes, I tried the easier looking one. 

And no, being athletic does not mean you’ll be good at roller skating. Or ice skating. There is zero correlation between those two, as proven with my bruised and swollen elbow and back. 

Watching YouTube tutorials on how to skate is also not enough, no matter how the comments said that it really helped even though they’re a first timer skater at 74 years old. The tutorials told me to just shift my weight to the left and right leg, and I’ll be roller skating in no time. In reality, I could only lift one of my legs before I lost my balance and almost fell. 

Let’s back up a bit by giving you some context of how I got into this. I was walking along the beach when I saw this peachy pink aesthetic caravan. It was like a scene out of a movie. With sunset and glorious music blasting through, people were roller skating while jamming and it was such a VIBE. So, the week after I came back to that spot, ready for a half day of roller skating with my friends. 

Credit: Impala

Before starting, I could choose any of these beauties. Of course, I was expecting something like this. 

First off, I didn’t expect how slippery roller skates are. It’s so similar to ice skating, the only difference is your fingers won’t get cut off if someone skates over your fingers (probably). What I expected was guidance from the staff, but they just told me to create a V with my feet and start moving (five stars service for sure).

Left to figure things out on my own, I just started moving forward without paying attention to the floor. Before I realized what was happening, my eyes went blurry. Suddenly I was on the floor with my left elbow supporting my weight, plus a sharp pain on my back. I saw that my elbow was grazed and my fingers were numb as my body reflexes took over to brace my fall. I hate falling and was even more annoyed because I was wearing knee pads and wrist guards so I would be protected if I fell forward. On top of that, as I was trying to get back on my feet (skates), a staff member who was around while calling her friend just skated by with ease and no intention to help. 

On the bright side, hitting the dirt meant I got over the fear of falling. That fear made it harder for me to let loose and learn to skate in the first place. After the fall, I was determined to at least be able to move about 2 metres using the roller skate. Although in reality 50% of the time I was holding on to the railings to stabilize myself, I was able to move around before the rental time ran out (which was one long hour lol). Plus, I got cute pics with friends where I looked like I was skating effortlessly. 

I also learned another thing that day. When I was wobbling around in skates by myself, I saw a kid being held by her father. Initially, it looked nice because you have someone to support you, but she wasn’t improving because she kept holding on to him. She was too safe. By not having a safety net (someone to hold on to) meant I have to get it together myself. So don’t be afraid of falling, because that might be the fastest way to learn. Next time I’m on skates, I’m definitely gonna be better!

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