Personal Update: Final Year Edition

Quick overview

Current study: Bachelor of Commerce
Major: Finance 
Minor: Accounting
Time to completion: 4 months, graduating in December

Current enrollment

  • University courses: Collaborative Design, Digital Marketing, Food Innovation Project Internship
  • Extracurriculars: Being a mentor for first year students and mentee of alumni, teaching assistant for finance students, a business club’s newsletter team, and joining the debate club (near future)
  • Personal: Blog + Weekly newsletter + Growing online presence for a toy company + Podcast (near future) 

What’s next? 

Finding job or internship in consulting, business analysis, investment banking, corporate finance, or business development.

If you have job opportunities in these areas, please let met know! Email me [email protected] or DM me on Twitter 🙂


What I’m taking on this semester


  1. Collaborative Design: the foundation of graphic, industrial, and spatial design. I’ll be learning technical (Adobe Photoshop, Indesign, and Illustrator) and conceptual design skills while honing in on my collaboration, creativity, and communication skills. 
  2. Digital Marketing: I switched to this unit from Filmmaking because it’s applied marketing. The assignments include writing digital marketing blogs, weekly presentations of solutions for real business problems, and the opportunity to create a marketing report for my selected company. I know that I’ll be super busy if I choose to switch to this unit, but I believe that this is more useful. Plus, I won’t know my limit unless I test it out.
  3. Food innovation project internship: I’m helping a Singaporean MNE to develop a product for Australian & New Zealand market. The project is going to last for 6 weeks, which is crazy fast. What I love about it is it’s a hands on and team based project. I get to know more people while doing actual meaningful work. I also need to present at the end of the project to the executives of the company which is one of the main areas where I want to challenge myself. 

Why not Finance?

I’ve completed my finance major last semester. Since I’ve been spending 2 years in university, I get a feel of what they can and cannot teach. I find that with lots of finance units, I’m not getting anything outside the textbook. Furthermore, I feel like I’ve learned lots about finance theory and am looking forward to applying it. 

Why design?

Last semester, I took Design Thinking and was absolutely drawn to design. I always have that love for design and art, but never thought that I had the talent to do it. In that unit, I realized that to be a designer I don’t necessarily need any technical skills. Design is about understanding human and how to enhance their lives. It did help that I got a great team to work with which made the experience extra memorable.

I’m also taking more risk because design is so different compared to what I’m used to in terms of thinking and assessments. With design, I’m faced with more uncertainty, there is no one right answer like finance. Plus, the assessments are 100% assignment instead of exam based. Usually for finance units it’s 50% on the final exam while the other 50% comes from in semester tests and assignments. 

But I’m super excited!

What I’m looking forward to is the collaborative nature of design projects and the opportunity to develop my creative side. 

A few months ago, I read How to See by George Nelson. One point that stood out to me was how we are so used to words and numbers as a measure of literacy while in reality they are only representing a small part of our world. He talked about visual literacy: the ability to read non verbal cues such as body language, reading a painting, and other visual cues. The most famous example is Sherlock Holmes. Visual literacy is so underestimated, although the benefit is immense. I’m always mesmerized with the way that designers and artists see the world. 


Since this is my last semester I’ve decided to get busy. In addition to my personal goals (personal blog and newsletters), I’ll be a mentor for 11 business/ commerce students while being a mentee of a university alumni. Being a mentor will help my communication and leadership abilities while being a mentee will help me clarify my career path. Furthermore, I’m helping first year Finance students under the supervision of the best teaching staffs I’ve had. I’ll be part of a business club newsletter team that will post bi-weekly and I’m also planning to join the debate club to improve my public speaking and make use of my wit. 


In case you missed it, I’ve been working on a personal blog and a weekly newsletter called Intellectual Tourism for the past month. On the side, I’m working on growing an online presence for a wholesale toys company.

In 7 weeks, I’m thinking of starting a podcast about career pathways. I’m starting this podcast because when I was 18 and had to choose a university major, I felt so uninformed and didn’t know what to choose. I’m creating something that I would want to listen to. 

What am I going to do after graduating?

I’m graduating in December (about 4 months away).

My preference at the moment is to get experience along the lines of consulting, business analysis, investment banking, corporate finance, and business development. Consulting seems to be the perfect match for my learn-it-all and get-things-done attitude.

If you have job opportunities in these areas, please let met know! Email me [email protected] or DM me on Twitter 🙂

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