It’s Just an Egg. Or is it?

Why is it so hard to get engagement???!!!!

You posts on the right time of the day, your contents are fire, and your hashtags are on point. Adding salt to the wound, an egg holds the record for most liked post on Instagram. How do top influencers, social media gurus, and marketers lose to an egg?!

Let’s crack this egg and and examine 3 simple strategies you can implement to get more engagement.

1. Make it Shareable

The easiest way to make people engage with your post is when their friend shares it, as people are more likely to agree with their friends. Create a post that makes the sharer looks or feel good. The world_record_egg post is unique and interesting, hence people share it and when more people do that, the likes compound. Shareable post = effortless engagement.

2. CTA + Reason

People won’t like your post just because they are told to do so. The egg doesn’t stop at “Like this post”, it gives them a reason to do it “Beat Kylie Jenner’s most liked post.”. Motivate people using purpose and follow it up with clear call to action.

3. Keep it casual

The egg uses words that a 6 years old would understand. Likewise, you want to keep it simple. Don’t try to be smart or use fancy phrases that’s hard to comprehend. Remember, write like you’re texting a friend.

These 3 strategies are easy to implement and if you do it, you might be able to beat this Instagram egg!

What makes you hit that like button or comment on a post? Which strategy do you think is most effective?

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12 thoughts on “It’s Just an Egg. Or is it?

  1. I definitely agree with your last point. I usually scroll past salesy content and more likely to reply to something funny or witty. Great short post, keep up the good work!

    1. The egg example is an excellent choice! I remember it blew up and people were jumping on liking it. I think the egg approach of being kind of ridiculous resonates on the internet where people are trying to sell all the time. Personally I tend to press like when the content makes me feel good or inspires me.

  2. That is definitely smart! I think the most important point of getting awareness from people is giving it a purpose. This purpose given has to be relevant to its followers, (1) the world_record_egg should have enough followers base to give it enough exposure and (2) they should know Kylie, making them motivated to like and comment on that post. Now, knowing this, I will probably try it on my next Instagram post! Great one, Sher:-)

    1. Thanks Cindy! Glad it’s useful for you. I think most of people who liked the post know Kylie, she’s pretty famous hahaha

  3. For me, something that would definitely catch my eye is your first point where the post or information was shared by my friends and family. Especially when everyone talks, shares, and get hype of it. Until now, most of the information I get are from them hahaha.

    1. Exactly! I find that when friends send it to us, there’s usually no intention to sell anything so our guard is down. I also have the tendency to validate people’s opinion, hence I’ll hit like

    2. Thanks Sabrina! I agree, all of my friends were sharing that egg on their stories bcs it’s not salesy. Another good point you raised there, the best contents are the ones that talk to us instead of at us

  4. Haha this post is amazing, I never thought so much about how the egg post went so viral so quickly, but all your steps are great points! Just the sheer randomness of the egg I think pushed people to see it do so well and keep clicking like and share!

    1. Thanks Amelia! That’s definitely part of it hahaha. Have you seen their account now? it’s pretty amazing how they’re growing it and still have 6m followers from that one hit

  5. Loved this post! Especially agree with the language part here, sometimes simplistic language can be very funny and thus engaging!

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