In Defense of Superteam

Blake Griffin is a Net.

Already the favorite to win title after adding James Harden to a roster featuring KD and Kyrie, Brooklyn Nets got another All-Star. Many voiced their displeasure with the forming of a superteam (especially Lakers fans).

I also don’t like superteam. The game becomes less fun when you know who’s gonna win. It’s supposed to be competitive and unpredictable. How can they team up and ruin the league with power imbalance?!

My perspective changed when I think about individual decisions that go into making that team.

Imagine if you get the opportunity to make your job easier. Wouldn’t you jump on it? Then how can you criticize Blake Griffin for joining a stacked team when you’d do the same, if you’re given the opportunity?

Harden has the same motivation. Teaming up means he gets closer to getting a ring, which is the only thing missing after an MVP and multiple All-Stars selection. Sure, there were people who blasted him for the decision. It’s the same group of people that would use the ‘ringless’ card to dismiss his greatness.

Superteam isn’t ideal, but it’s not wrong either. It’s a mirror of the society where everyone priorities their own goal above the greater good.